December 11, 2019

Technologies That Are Making a Difference

The word technology springs up a conversation regardless of the platform that you are in. It has affected our lives in so many ways and continues to do so. This opens up areas, as developers tend to bring in different innovations time and again. As far as 2019 is concerned, a lot went down and the year witnessed some emerging trends. They affect various fields and does the job in making our lives easier. So, to make matters meaningful, here are a few emerging trends that took place in the glorious year of 2019.

Social Robots

Yes, you heard that right. For a long time, people have been talking about the technology behind robots and how it has shaped things for the better. We have developed them to take on challenges and make various industries function with ease. But when it comes to matters that concern social aspects, these robots could not score much. This has changed, and some of them are standing firm to prove the same. Robots take care of elders, teach children and carry on various activities that are part of everyday life. This might even go through different heights and emerge to be a force to be reckoned with.


Social Robots

Food Tracking and Packaging

Contaminated food is an important aspect and a problem that needs to be erased. It all starts in one place, and we all need to pay our attention there. Identifying the source is an important task and one thing that we need to do immediately. Luckily technology is here to back us, and things seem to be working. To make matters specific, blockchain technology has been out to use for the same and results are emerging like never before. Once we find the source, problems can be minimized, and everything will be back to normal.

New Age Fertilizers

The industry that manufactures fertilizers does a fine job of giving us nutrients and various other elements that make everyday life easier. But in the end, there is a certain amount of urea and potash that is present and finding a solution was necessary. One did not expect to see a change, so people were surprised when things did make a change. Ecologically friendly sources of nitrogen are used for this purpose and draw smaller amounts of dangerous elements.

Bioplastics and the Economy

Plastic has been creating problems since the time they began to create advantages for people. This led to awareness campaigns and various other events that spoke about the importance of recycling. So around 15% of the world’s plastic recycled, and the rest is either abandoned or incinerated. This led to a breakthrough that made the economy utilize lignin or cellulose that comes from plant waste.

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